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Unbound, The Sifter Saga 2

Unbound: The Sifter Saga Book 2

Edition: Kindle  Nook

It’s been five years since Stephen decided to follow Hobbs into the Omniverse. While the Collector gathers strength, the Luminaries have forsaken all others and ordered Fountainhead to be severed from the rest of reality. Armed with ancient sift destroying weapons, the Ved invasion has begun. Caught in the crossfire, Stephen witnesses his friends fall and his hope for the future wanes. Will his new allies be able to withstand the Collector’s might, or will this be the beginning of a terrible new reality?

Folklore: The Sifter Saga

Folklore: The Sifter Saga Book 1

Edition: Kindle  Nook

Stephen Lowry was born generic, a person with no eye pigment, in a world where the color of a person’s eyes decides his or her entire life. Shunned by his father and rejected from society, he has only survived by the protection of his mother. As his eighteenth birthday approaches, he’s mandated to join the academy and his hopes of finally finding a place in society is crushed when he learns he is, and will always be, an outcast.

While he struggles to find meaning to his existence, he meets a distant traveler with extraordinary abilities, changing his life forever. Offering to teach Stephen to control unfathomable power, the young generic now faces the choice of whether to use his newfound power to create a better world, or to destroy all those around him.



Edition: Kindle

When owners Rick and April leave their cats alone for the weekend, they have no idea what they’ve set in motion. Their cats, Keiko and Gary, are convinced their owners have abandoned them and plan their escape. But can these two domestics survive alone in the big bad feral feline world?

Copyright © Richard T. Meeks II 2013-15


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