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Sifter Saga 2 FlatUnbound: The Sifter Saga Book 2

Return to the Omniverse for a new adventure in the multidimensional realm created from the sift.

Stephen Lowry was born on Campri, but he has traveled much in his time as a sifter. When he returns to his homeworld to aid in a mass coalescence, he discovers a series of murders that points to something outside of this world, and if he cannot stop it the threat could undue existence as he knows it.

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Sifter Saga 1 Final Illustration.jpg

Folklore: The Sifter Saga Book 1

Enter the Omniverse, a vast multidimensional realm fueled by the sift. Those capable of commanding this power are known as sifters and they Shape the reality around them as they see fit.

On Tolvaria, Hobbs Downing has spent most of his life tending his family’s myst farm. An increasingly difficult prospect as water shortages are creating stricter rationing laws every year. This changes the night he coalesces into a sifter and he must choose whether to turn himself in to the government and aid his dying world, or to become an outlaw and use his power to create a better life for those closest to him.

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