My Writing Schedule

I wanted to take a minute to share what’s going on behind the scenes and manage your expectations about future releases. As it stands now, the first and second installment of The Sifter Saga is available for purchase. If you’ve already picked up a copy, thank you very much for your support. If you enjoyed the read (or even if you didn’t), please leave an unbiased and honest review for others not sure of whether or not to take the leap into the sift. That helps me more than you know.

Continuing on, as much as I love writing The Sifter Saga, I have been working on this series for the past 3 years. I have so many more stories to tell and there are some that take precedence in my mind. That’s not to say that I’ll never finish the work, so don’t panic! You’ll get your ending. I promise.

My writing/release schedule for the next few years will be as follows: the story I’m currently working on should be out next year, the third sifter saga novel the following year, another new work the year after that, then the conclusion of The Sifter Saga.

As it stands, I can write and edit down a novel for reader consumption in about a year and some change. That gives you a rough estimate for what to expect and when. Please keep in mind that I won’t release a work until I think it’s the best it can be, so you may have to exercise some delayed gratification. I know it’s awful, but this is a quality over quantity endeaver (or at least it should be).

More soon!

Copyright © R.T. Meeks 2018


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