The Sifter Saga Reboot: F.A.Q.

The fabric of the Omniverse has been rewritten. The reality you thought you knew is no more, but in it’s place are new adventures filled with excitement, love, and danger. Are you prepared?

What’s The Sifter Saga about?

The Sifter Saga is a series based in the multidimensional realm known as the Omniverse. The energy generating this existence is called the sift and those capable of wielding it are known as sifters. Each book within the series focuses on different sifters and how they use their gifts.

It begs the question: If you woke up tomorrow and found that you could rewrite reality, would you use that power to make the world a better place for all, or would you simply make it a better place for yourself?

Isn’t this the same series you worked on years ago?

No, the series has been rebooted. You can check out my article on personal growth for more details, but as I’ve grown as a writer so too has my content. There were things I loved about the original, but it was meant for a younger audience and that isn’t the audience I write for anymore. The reboot is a much stronger work and where readers of the original may recognize some of the names and places, it is a different Omniverse.

Where can I purchase a copy of The Sifter Saga?

Links to purchase the first two novels are listed on the bar above as well as here. You can also read samples from each on this site or preview them on Amazon.

Is The Sifter Saga only available in a digital format?

Yes, and here’s why. Publishing independently gives me a greater freedom in terms of story type and content compared to a traditional publishing house. It also puts me closer to the audience as I don’t have to deal with gatekeepers of any kind. The flip side to this is that I don’t have the clout of a major publishing house and expenses come from my pocket.

As a digital medium, I receive a greater percentage of what you pay for the novel. This in turn allows me to keep the price low and use the added income to write more stories for you to enjoy. That’s a win-win.

I also understand the allure of holding a physical book in your hands. Nothing beats the smell and the immersion the printed word can have. However, it is more costly to generate and that means it’ll be more expensive for you to purchase. I also receive a significantly less percentage for each one sold. That’s not a great deal for either party.

Who illustrated the covers for The Sifter Saga?

Those beautiful covers were illustrated by Florian Häckh. You can find more of his work on his website. He’s wonderful to work with and I recommend him for anyone wanting high quality illustrations.

When does the next book in the series come out?

I’m currently working on a separate project that will most likely be out early next year. Afterwards, I will jump back into the sift and begin crafting the next installment. I promise it’ll be worth the wait and you’ll get to enjoy some of my other stories in the meantime.

Copyright © R.T. Meeks 2018


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